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Hello, Book Fans!



This site is designed to bring the fans just a little closer to the authors that write the books we love.
As many of you, I try to stay up to date with the news and events of my favorite writers. I sign up on their mailing list, I read their newsletters, and I check out their website as often as I can for any book signings. But, like many of you, I cannot attend every single appearance (no matter how much I wish I could).
So that's why I created this little online shop. I have met a lot of interesting writers, and they would like to do as much as they can to bring their books directly to the fans. 
These are real books signed by the authors themselves! And you don't pay the retail price listed on Amazon or Barnes & Noble; you get the special discount rate given by the author. How awesome is that?
So please check out the book store to see what's available. Copies by the author are limited, so please act quickly.
Thank you and enjoy!
Celia Flores
Founder of Book Fans   

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